Hello, we're Ditch

Our mission is to empower individuals and families to achieve financial freedom through personalized financial education and debt management tools.

We believe that by leveraging the power of AI technology, our customers can have the tools necessary to not only pay down their debts efficiently, but to understand and change the behavioral factors that have led to debt creation.

Get to know the passionate individuals driving our vision and making Ditch a reality.

Luis, Founder & CEO

Luis is a 2x founder, computational mathematician and former data scientist at a multi-billion-dollar fintech lender.

Ankush, Head of Product

Ankush is a data-driven product expert with over 10 years of experience leading teams in industry leading companies.

Jayelon, Software Engineer

Jaye is an extremely talented full stack software engineer. Having lived in Japan gives her a unique approach to writing code.

Erin, Content Strategist

Erin is a marketing strategist and personal finance thought leader with a following of over 250k

Maria, UI/UX Designer

Maria is a prodigal design thinker with proven experience in building user interfaces and experiences that win.

Whether you are struggling with debt, or just looking to stay out of it, Ditch serves as a debt companion for you.

With a user-centered experience, and powerful features, Ditch is the full spectrum solution for your personal finance needs.

Ditch's features help you avoid mistakes when it comes to managing and repaying your debt. We give you tools that make the debt management process feel effortless. Our goal is to help you get and stay out of debt.


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