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Whether you are struggling with debt, or just looking to stay out of it, Ditch serves as a debt companion for you.

With a user-centered experience, and powerful features, Ditch is the full spectrum solution for your personal finance needs.

Ditch's features help you avoid mistakes when it comes to managing and repaying your debt. We give you tools that make the debt management process feel effortless. Our goal is to help you get and stay out of debt.


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How it all works

Step 1. Link your accounts

Step 2. View your dashboard

Step 3. Stick to your plan

And that's just the start

Ditch comes packed with features that helps reduce the amount of money you spend on interest each month, here are a few.

Dashboard for all your debt

Gain a comprehensive view of your debt, spending, and upcoming payments in one centralized hub.

Insights on your spending

Review spending, get AI-generated budgets, and set goals with our debt-focused budgeting tool.

AI financial concierge

Get personalized answers to your finance questions about your debt, transactions, and account balances.

Plan and priority for debt

Understand your debt strategy (snowball or avalanche) and see a clear breakdown of your debt types and interest rates.

Gamified learning

Engage in interactive courses and quizzes to enhance your financial literacy and maintain an educational streak.

Personalized reminders

Receive reminders for payments, financial tips, spending alerts, and more, tailored just for you.

Don't just take our word for it - see what our satisfied users have to say about our app!

"My favorite part is that I know exactly how to tackle paying down my debt, by how much and which debt. I also can see how extra payments would impact me in terms of pay-down timeline and the cost of interest. This app has made me feel more in control of my finances."

Jen, App Store

"At the end of every month I’m always terrified to look at my credit card statements. This app has totally changed my perspective and i’m now proactive in helping myself get out of debt. I don’t just get the scary number, but I get a plan as to how to achieve my goals. Love it."

Luis, App Store


We charge because we would rather sell you a product and not make you the product. We never sell your data and you can try Ditch for free and cancel any time.

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